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Native speaker

Native Speaker/History and Culture grades 1 & 2

Matura prep!
Matura preparation marathon

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Lesson presentations
What we talk about during our lessons...

Why people should learn different languages
Often the answer is simply “because I like it” or “to travel to different countries” and even more frequently “ because I have to”.

Native speakers
A native speaker is someone who has learned and used a language as their mother tongue since childhood. It means having absorbed the culture of a country during childhood, so that language was absorbed without any grater effort.

Development of an international school
English the "Lingua Franca"

What I teach
In order to learn how to effectively communicate in English or any language for that matter, the right context is needed. Therefore, I try to expose my student to real language through the use specific topics. My lessons are all conducted in the target language which is English, as it is beneficial for my students to hear as much real-language as possible.

Getting rid of language barriers
We already know that there is a high international demand to learn English due to its use as a lingua franca.

A bit about Canada